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Gambarfood giving supplies projects.



Wish List

developing class facilities and quality of education we need some assist and here is attachment for what we need in one year for short and medium term.we hope every body able to help us by donated via paypal account
please click this link to see our wish list
wish list.pdf file

paypal account

We’ve just launched on january 2012 projects for 37 childrens – with english and computer skills. With your help we can reach our goals and open up a world of opportunity for these children.

To make these projects happen, we need you. Please donate to a cause that will make a difference to these students and affect your own life at the same time. With you, we have the power to build something lasting – something that can bridge “what could be” to “what is”.

In this part of the world, a dollar goes a long way, and it takes only a moment of action from you to make a world of difference to them. Great collaborations are only steps away.
donated us via paypal account by click for open an account and send the donation to youthcreativefoundation@bluewin.chand find our wish list in wish list page to see what we need in a year